Hotels in San Miguel de Allende

Finding the right hotel is not a problem in San Miguel. There is every level of luxury from the simplest hostel up to world-calibre decadence. The challenge, however, sometimes is timing. 

Our historic town and our rooms fill up quickly during high volume times, such as Semana Santa, Dia de Los Muertos, and other holidays. The farther in advance you know your plans, the better chance you’ll have at getting the hotel you want. 

AirBnB and VRBO have come to town in a big way as well. On the one hand you save some money, on the other you lose the Old World service and pampering Mexican hotels offer.

And if you are coming in on a shoestring there are a couple of hostels near each other, close to the Centro for about eight bucks a night – La Catrina and Hostel Inn

This is a constantly growing page and we will add our favorites as we go. If you have an amazing stay somewhere please share it with us.

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