San Miguel de Allende Restaurants

   Restaurants could be the subject of an entire website as every sort of restaurant can be found in San Miguel de Allende. We will highlight our favorites more and more moving forward.  If you have an amazing experience please share it with us.

High-End – These are the places you should wear your nice shirt.  The nice thing in San Miguel is often you can experience elegance, and still look at your wallet in the morning.

Comfort – Great places, with wonderful ambiance, that feature meals at really reasonable prices. Many have more familiar dishes to visitors.

    Real Mexican Mom and Pop Joys of the Gastronomic Galaxy – These will be places that probably don’t speak English, offer delicious stuff you’ve never heard of, and cost less than your go-to, save-money meal back home.

Taco Stands – also known as Taco Stands.

Cafes – Coffee-first places that often offer light meals, juices, bakery, internet and a pleasant place to chill out.

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