Mesa Verde San Miguel Adventure

     The Centro is a fantastic place, and if you choose to stay down there, you will be in the middle of all the action. But what about if you don’t want to be in the action all the time? What about a more adventure experience with lovely views, rich natural treasures and barbecue grills?

Mesa Verde is named after the American National Park simply because the owner had the time of his life there; and now he is committed to having his guests have the time of their life.

This is a gathering of post-modern cabins – funky but suave. Each bungalow has its own kitchen, shower, AC and washer/dryer. The cabins front the large lake just outside of San Miguel – about ten minutes from the center of town.

They offer kayaks, rubber rafts, fishing, bicycles and barbecue grills. Often they have special campfire nights and special tours into and around town.

You could explore the lake, cycle out to the many abandoned chapels out in the country, or just kick back in a hammock and watch the sun set. It’s like Boy Scout camp, only for grown ups.

MX (415) 191 – 6685

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