Frequently Asked Questions

Is San Miguel de Allende safe?

  Though crime is a sad fact of life both in Mexico and the United States, San Miguel, and the entire state of Guanajuato, has the lowest crime rate in The Republic. The town is historically, culturally, and touristically loved by Mexicans and visitors alike; so maintaining safety is crucial to everyone here. The streets are well-lit at night and there is an obvious presence of police that are quite friendly and helpful. Also hotels, restaurants and other public places often employ their own security.


How can I stay safe?

    Again, it’s a pretty chill place here, but you can take measures to feel more secure. Lock up your wallet and passport, unless you know you’ll be needing them. Just carry cash, you rarely even need your visa. It’s pretty obvious where the fun and visitor-friendly places are, avoid dark streets and sketchy places. Cabs are very cheap, right now 50 pesos ($2.50) for a ride anywhere. They are green and omnipresent.

What’s the weather like in San Miguel?

    The climate here is very much like Northern California. Lots of sun, warm days, cool nights. In January it can get a little nippy, and the buildings, which are meant to stay cool, are usually colder inside than outside. In July we get a bit of rain, which makes for a very green August. The altitude here is over 6,000 feet, that’s a thousand more than Denver, so prepare to be a little winded when walking up the steeper streets.

Do you cancel tours for bad weather?

    Rarely, we get heavy rain, in that case we sadly have to cancel, as the ancient stone streets get slippery and not safe. Otherwise most days we will go. You will get a cancellation notice in a timely manner if we do cancel.

What should I wear?

    For day tours absolutely wear comfortable walking shoes and a hat as the sun can be a challenge. For the wine tour, you may consider long pants, as we are going into the surrounding countryside. It’s not a wilderness hike, but there can be insectos and the stray prickly plant. For the evening ghost tour bring a light jacket or sweater.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

    Not at all. Our tours are in English. Our guides are bi- and tri-lingual, so if the need arises, we can translate for you.

Do you offer Spanish speaking tours?

    Absolutely. Every tour we offer, we can do in Spanish. However these would have to be booked as Private Tours.

When’s the best time to go?

    In February, it starts to get warm again so we get a lot of ‘Snowbirds’ flying in. This great weather stays until July when it gets a bit rainy (and cheaper wink wink).  August comes in green and warm and it stays like that through November. The Holidays are a mixed bag weather-wise.

Local major holidays are also grand times to be here. Our biggest holidays are Semana Santa (Holy Week before Easter), Independence Day (Sept 16), Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead, same time as Halloween in the States), and the Alborada (Dawn Celebration and the Feast of Saint Michael, weekend after September 29). Additionally there are Music Festivals, Dance Festivals, theatre performances, concerts, writers’ conferences, etc throughout the year. Check our links to find out what events will happen when you will be here. Also look through our own Guide to San Miguel de Allende.

What links?

    Well, here are a few:

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