Walking Ghost Tour​


About 1 ½ hours. * A little less than a mile * Pay what you will

NOTE: If you have mobility issues, please contact us so we can accommodate you.

All old cities seem to have their share of spooky happenings, paranormal events and just plain ghosts. Being a town of 475 years old, San Miguel de Allende has its share of oddities. This evening tour begins as the sun sets, and we meander through the ancient cobblestone streets stopping at the churches, houses, landmarks that have notable activity. These are stories that thousands of folks through the centuries have noted, even the local children know some of the more famous accounts – such as the infamous La Llorona – the faceless lady all in glowing white, like a lost bride, who murdered her children and now comes back loudly wailing her awful mistake. This is NOT a carnival room, or a creepfest, these strange stories are reported as the tellers told them. No one is going to leap out of a corner, or anything cheesy like that. The material is appropriate for young people, though if the crowd is all grown ups, the telling may be a little more graphic. The ideal after-dinner, or pre-bar hopping event – weird yourself out on the only Ghost Tour in San Miguel.

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