History and Culture Walking Tour

2 hours, about a mile (1.8 km)​

Pay what you will

IMPORTANT; If you have mobility issues, please contact us so that we can provide the safest and most comfortable experience for you.

San Miguel de Allende is known as the Cradle of the Homeland to Mexicans. It is also sacred to the original people here. Ex-pats feel comfortable here because they, themselves, helped the town to flourish when it could have become a ghost town. Our walk through the Centro will thrill you with historic intrigue, charm you with artistic abundance, give you goosebumps as we pass stunning architecture spanning five centuries. We start by La Parroquia, one of the most important churches in La Republica, talk about the Spanish and how miraculous Mexican Independence really was. We travel along ancient mansions and street sellers to a view of the altiplano far below the town. Then we wind along cobblestone streets discovering everything from movie stars and Mexican slang to local economy and bullfighting. At the mystical Chorro (geyser) we recall a time when this area was the spiritual center of Native Americans. We then snake down a dramatic path, following the ancient waters to stone basins where locals still do their laundry. From there we pass through shady, verdant Parque Juarez full of artists, children, New-Agers, athletes, fruit stands and the very pulse of the local lifestyle. A final jaunt back to the square where even the names of the streets reflect the culture and soul of San Miguel de Allende. And speaking of, we end up right by the home of Ignacio Allende, the city’s namesake, himself. We end up full circle where we started, and where you can continue your exploration of one of the most truly lovely places in the world.

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