I could not draw until five months ago. I decided to follow my bliss and give up the negative, attention-sucking mikko I used to be. I am out there and I give my life up to the Universe – Jesus, the Force, many names – same infinite abundance -I prefer to call it the Muses. I’ve written a play about a Muse, I have a tattoo of a Muse and a perfect daughter named Muse – I think they like me. They granted me this ability to let them draw through me. Honestly, I sit down, ask them to guide my hand and this happens. It’s like I’m watching me draw. If you are a super-donor, $100 or more, I will do a 8 x 10 portrait of you, a loved one, or even a loved animal. Email your image to mikkopresents@gmail.com. Include your request for color or pencil or slightly mixed and your mailing address. I will do the portraits in order of receiving them. With any luck it will take months because I have so many donations!