Zumo Restaurant

“Zumo” means ‘juice’ but it also kinda sorta means “zest,” and this magnificent venue has a zest for the exquisite. The architecture, the view, the drinks, and especially the food all make Zumo a premier dining experience.

Chef Alejandro Zuno looks barely old enough to be a busser, yet he ranks as one of the top chefs in a town of great chefs. A member of Slow Food movement, and himself a producer of organic foods, Chef Zuno uses responsible, locally-sourced ingredients. And his well-balanced menu hits an astounding number of lovely notes.

His Achiote Miso Marinated Sea Bass with Cilantro Chard Cream Sauce, Sticky Rice & Sauteed Zucchini sounds like a poem. A touch of France, a touch of Japan, a touch of Pacific Coast and all parts of Mexico influence the table here.

It also must be mentioned that the mixologist at the bar is a master as well producing intriguing concoctions – Carajillo and Amore & Muerte (Love and Death) – among many others. Zumo has a pretty impressive array of wines.

Elegant Dining in San Miguel de Allende

Now that SMA is the best city in the world you just know many Playahs are going to come to town. If you want to blow it all out on an elegant evening of dining, sipping and just being awesome; or you just want to savor some of the best culinary experiences in the world – it’s all here. 


The Restaurant, Zumo, Aperi, Moxi, Antonia, 1826, L’Escargot