Zumo Restaurant

“Zumo” means ‘juice’ but it also kinda sorta means “zest,” and this magnificent venue has a zest for the exquisite. The architecture, the view, the drinks, and especially the food all make Zumo a premier dining experience.

Chef Alejandro Zuno looks barely old enough to be a busser, yet he ranks as one of the top chefs in a town of great chefs. A member of Slow Food movement, and himself a producer of organic foods, Chef Zuno uses responsible, locally-sourced ingredients. And his well-balanced menu hits an astounding number of lovely notes.

His Achiote Miso Marinated Sea Bass with Cilantro Chard Cream Sauce, Sticky Rice & Sauteed Zucchini sounds like a poem. A touch of France, a touch of Japan, a touch of Pacific Coast and all parts of Mexico influence the table here.

It also must be mentioned that the mixologist at the bar is a master as well producing intriguing concoctions – Carajillo and Amore & Muerte (Love and Death) – among many others. Zumo has a pretty impressive array of wines.