Vinicola Toyan

Toyan might change your life. Vino por Vino is not only proud, but we get thrilled knowing the finale to our amazing wine tour comes to this wonder of the wine world.

Surrounded by fruit trees and statues of gargoyles, nuns and monks, Vinicola Toyan has the feeling of an ancient abandoned monastery. The tour constantly unfolds surprising joys – an old chapel that is now a theatre, a replica of a 19th century Mexican kitchen where we have an organic,onsite-produced lunch, even the fact that the vineyard is run almost exclusively by women – and many other details we don’t want to spoil here.

The culmination of the tour is actually the bottom of a 14 meter cavern where the temperature stays constant for the aging wine there. The stunning walk down illuminates with mystic blue light, and an army of stone monks guard the way each in its own niche.

¬†Our tasting takes place in another blue-lit throne room, all stone and something right out of a fantasy story. We don’t accept commissions so if you are interested in purchasing from their rich selection of wine, you’ll be getting the best price. And don’t worry about carting all that wine back on the plane – Toyan can ship back to your home.

Some things are so exquisite, it just isn’t worth it to describe – so we will leave it at that.

Dos Buhos

The peaceful, rustic Dos Buhos, Two Owls, vineyard sits not too far from San Miguel de Allende, and is an excellent respite for wine lovers and those that want to enjoy the Mexican countryside.

The farm itself started fifty years ago, but in 2005 they dedicated themselves to organic, self-sustaining wine. Because of the composition of the soil – clay and volcanic stone, and the elevation of over 6,200 feet, Dos Buhos has the luxury of producing 10 different varietals.

Vino por Vino has chosen to include Dos Buhos because of its charm, tranquility and their dedication to responsible excellent wine.

We tour the weathered workspaces that now produce wine, past a quaint country bunkhouse that is available as a BnB, into old bodegas where the modern machinery lives. Sometimes we even see the two owls!

The finale occurs in a aged storehouse filled with art, including many large originals from San Miguel legend Peter Leventhal. Here we taste some of their finer vintages along with a cheese plate. If you choose to buy a bottle or a case, they can ship it back to your home.

Dos Buhos, one of the reasons your tour with us will be unforgettable.

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