History of San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende started with a bang. A big one. Around 12,000 years ago the Palo Huerfano volcano erupted creating a range of mountains to the south called the Picachos, and that cool crack you can see running along the top of the city. If you satellite image the area you can actually view … Continue reading “History of San Miguel de Allende”

Vinicola Toyan

Toyan might change your life. Vino por Vino is not only proud, but we get thrilled knowing the finale to our amazing wine tour comes to this wonder of the wine world. Surrounded by fruit trees and statues of gargoyles, nuns and monks, Vinicola Toyan has the feeling of an ancient abandoned monastery. The tour … Continue reading “Vinicola Toyan”

El Correo Restaurant

Correa means ‘post office’ and that works out, cuz this comfy place is right across the street from the Post Office. More importantly this fabulous restaurant combines traditional Mexican food, good prices and a joyful ambience. It feels as if you are sitting in some classic Mexican living room. Dainty artwork surrounds you. The menu … Continue reading “El Correo Restaurant”

Zumo Restaurant

“Zumo” means ‘juice’ but it also kinda sorta means “zest,” and this magnificent venue has a zest for the exquisite. The architecture, the view, the drinks, and especially the food all make Zumo a premier dining experience. Chef Alejandro Zuno looks barely old enough to be a busser, yet he ranks as one of the … Continue reading “Zumo Restaurant”

Dos Buhos

The peaceful, rustic Dos Buhos, Two Owls, vineyard sits not too far from San Miguel de Allende, and is an excellent respite for wine lovers and those that want to enjoy the Mexican countryside. The farm itself started fifty years ago, but in 2005 they dedicated themselves to organic, self-sustaining wine. Because of the composition … Continue reading “Dos Buhos”

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