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Who We Are

Vino Por Vino will enrich San Miguel de Allende visitors who desire a more meaningful travel experience. We provide door to door driving tours of local vineyards weaving not only wine tasting and sightseeing of the local countryside, but our insider driver guides will give insight into the cultural depth of the area. We also provide high quality, entertaining walking tours of this great city. The walking tours are pay what you will!


Mikko Macchione founded Vino por Vino out of love for San Miguel de Allende. He first came here from New Orleans in 1996. He split his time between the two magical places for years. Mikko is an award-winning actor, writer, and for over thirty years, historian. He has written several books and articles on the history of New Orleans winning him several Independent Publisher Awards (IPPYs) – including his Napoleon House and Rum: A Drinking Guide to the New Orleans History

     Mikko is now here permanently. His two daughters were born here, and he and his colleagues offer impressive tour experiences of the magical Centro, and the surrounding countryside. Vino por Vino means both “Wine by wine,” and “I came for wine!” And we are a group of enthusiastic, grateful tech, marketing, design and support folks who share a passion for wine. And a passion for San Miguel de Allende.

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